Content Marketing Tactics for 2021

By: Sanjitha R.
Published On: 10th Aug, 2021
Last Updated: 24th Sep, 2021

It is no secret that content is king. There is no strategy out there that can replace a good old content marketing campaign.

Since content marketing is an inevitable part of your marketing strategy, it is crucial to stay relevant. In the ever-changing digital marketing scape, being in trend is extremely important.

We have made it easy for you and compiled a list of content marketing tactics for 2021. Dive in and make the best of your content marketing campaign with our expert tactics.

Longer and engaging content

Many of us might think that long-form content of 2000 – 2200 words might bore our audience to death. This might be true in many cases. But if you can produce engaging long-form content, you will unlock a whole new level of advantages.

One of the advantages of producing long-form content is that you will include more keywords without overwhelming the reader. More keywords mean more chances of ranking higher in organic searches.

In addition to that, you will be covering a larger area of the topic, thus exhibiting your expertise. Not to mention, the amount of time your audience spends on your website drastically increases. Bounce rate and retention time is also a ranking factor.

Utilize various channels of advertising

Nowadays, content is consumed in various ways. Not to mention, different consumers love different types of content. While some like articles, others may prefer video tutorials or podcasts.

Concentrating on only one channel can make you miss out on other types of audiences. Thus recycling one piece of content in the form of an article, video tutorial, infographics, and even podcasts can ensure that you leave no stone unturned. This way, you can diversify your audience and make your content viable for a variety of people.

Use the power of guest posting.

Guest posting is an essential technique for building quality backlinks.

What is guest posting? Guest posting is when you write articles for someone else’s blog, and in exchange, they let you subtly advertise your blog. 

Usually, bloggers choose other bloggers that are operating in their niche and have a good reputation. Bloggers also make sure to create backlinks for their articles in their guest posts and advertise themselves.

Acquiring quality backlinks can help you in a lot of ways.

One, when a trusted blogger refers to you in their article, some of their audience will check out your blog, thus increasing your traffic. In addition, backlinks are also a ranking factor in Google. Having good backlinks also increases your audience’s trust in your content.

Conduct a webinar

Webinars and live Q and A are a great way of showing off your expertise in your niche. 

Webinars are a fantastic way of interacting with your audience. This additionally makes you their go-to person in your niche. Building this kind of trust with your audience can help achieve higher traffic to your website, high-quality lead generation, loyal consumer base and make you your industry leader.

Webinars can also help you understand the type of things your audience wants. Think of it as a survey. You can repurpose their most common questions and create content based on them.

This is a pretty easy way of reaching many types of audiences, provided that you can attract a large audience.

Make sure to make a lot of noise about your webinar and make people attend it. Answer their most relevant questions and make them trust your brand.

Personalize your content

Content and its marketing are different when it feels like it talks to us on a personal level.

When content addresses a personal question or makes it more relatable, then that content is better welcomed by an audience. Aiming to create content that is capable of doing that is a necessity.

However, this can be pretty challenging.

Why? Because every individual is different and is in various stages of the buying journey.  Some of them are newcomers, some of them need a little bit of persuasion to take their wallets out, some are skeptical about your brand, and some are loyal consumers.

Analyzing and developing a buyer persona can help cut out your work for us. You can then aim to make your content attractive, engaging, and rewarding, thus helping out customers in different parts of their buyer journey.

Content marketing is a constantly evolving field. Experimenting with new methods and tracking your performance now and then can help you a lot in the long run. We hope these tips can help you keep your content marketing strategies relevant in 2021.

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